George Gstar

George Gstar lives in a million-dollar penthouse in Silicon Valley and he has lots of advice for those just starting out in music or business. He has amassed a $65 million dollar real estate portfolio. But he’s also been successful on social media channels like Instagram and YouTube. We recently sat down with him to talk about his new record deal with 8MM Ent. Records.

Q-You’ve talked about the ‘free spirit entrepreneurial” market. What is that exactly?

A-This is the current state in real estate and other industries. Big companies are looking to expand. They want to promote people or hire executives. This creates a market where these large companies are willing to pay more in order to get the best talent and provide them with perks.

Q-What are your objectives in the next few years?

A-I’m working on the rap single, “Dark World” and I’m very excited to get that done. But I’d love to do a few more songs and maybe some acting. I will, of course, continue to expand my social media presence.

Q-What are the challenges you face?

A-We all have our obstacles to overcome and mine have been about the same as others. I did grow up in a violent home and struggled with that for years. Those who come out of dysfunctional homes understand the ghosts that can sometimes haunt you. It’s up to you to let this stuff make you a better person.

Q-Who has influenced your music?

A-I enjoy hip-hop, Alternative Rock and rap metal music. Some of my favorite artists are Kurt Cobain, Tommy Lee, Nirvana, Oleander and Smashing Pumpkins—a few others.

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