George Gstar

Today’s social media influencers include a multi-talented entrepreneur called George Gstar. He has ventured out into various business sectors including recycling, trucking, lending, marketing and more. For the future, Gstar is planning to make his way into the music world with a new single called “Dark World.” This song is in the rap genre and has been influenced by Tr3yway’s Billy Ado and XXXTentacion, among others.

george gstar
George Gstar

He’s had good success in the world of Instagram and YouTube and is well known on social media channels. His friends describe him as a generous guy who is ambitious and can be a bit on the extravagant side. He has been photographed eating a giant plate of hard cold cash. Of course, this was an example of his creative way of making a statement.

On YouTube, Gstar is especially well known for his motivational videos where he encourages people to get out there and make a difference. He loves helping new entrepreneurs make their way to the top. He has plenty of tips of those just starting out and is usually looking for a new opportunity.

His new rap single, “Dark World” is a soulful and melodic tune that will showcase his wide range of skills. It will be released later this year. His personal music style includes hip-hop, rap and a few others. His favorite singers are Oleander, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins and Kurt Cobain.

Though Gstar does have an extravagant lifestyle, he’s reportedly a down to earth guy who enjoys sharing his success with others.

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