George Gstar

GStar was born on November 22, 1992, in New York City, NY. He grew up in the project tenement housing of LFC, one of the most dangerous project housing developments in North America. The housing developments were later condemned, and deemed not fit for human dwelling. He was raised by family members who worked many different blue collar jobs to provide for him, his brother, and other family members whom GStar would stay with time to time. He often spent time in Colombia, where his extended family members lived. GStar was eventually sent to Florida, and West Virginia to multiple schools, as well as boys programs, but was eventually expelled again. GStar had a troubled childhood and was often involved in street fights, criminal mischief, and other questionable activities. In addition, he was witness to a brutal murder of his cousin at only the age of 3. The murder of Anthony Buccrelli, Allegedly tied to a pre-arranged assassination, was an active member of one of the reigning five New York crime families. GStar looked to his cousin as mentor and father figure. He later than practiced amateur boxing, winning local boxing awards and becoming ranked nationally at the age of 13. GStar would often spend nights alone, sleeping in parking lots, and motels and was sleeping out of his car in gas stations. During this period he had begun to collect garbage cans, precious metals, and second hand electronics. GStar would collect the items to bring to local recycling yards, and pawn shops for money to buy food and clothing. He was eventually expelled from school for repeated fighting and spent time in a JLAA program known as CC34 where he was subjected to a 23 hour per day solitary confinement. Following his release, Initially self-educated, he attended the City University of New York (CUNY) with his college degree. He began to invest into multiple businesses while attending university. His passion for business and knowledge from the ground up, led him to an eventually successful understanding of his customer base in the various businesses that he had started to grow. The first being scrap metal, and the second, garbage collection. This unique combination would be the beginning of his success in the business and international investment world leading him into the life of entertainment and stardom. GStar began to show his lifestyle through instagram, and his viral following would soon follow. GStar then moved to San Fransisco California after being offered his own reality show, but declined to participate due to his prior business engagements.

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