George Gstar Business Career

GStar began a scrap metal and garbage collection business, which became his first million-dollar venture, making him a millionaire at age 21.[2] He also operated motor recycling firms in the United States and Eastern Europe, as well as several logistics air-sea port transportation companies.[4] The speculations and origin of GStar’s logistics empire faced multiple controversies during the late 2000’s, including his scrap metal and shipping businesses. GStar’s logistics empires are said to have nearly 30% control of the entire market share. GStar also made large profits from real estate investing during the downturn of the Miami housing crisis. There are many speculations that GStar will yet again do what he did in Miami in 2013, which is to capitalize on a down turning economy, and real estate bursting bubble. In addition to his investments in the U.S, he also has real estate investments both domestic and internationally in cities and countries such as; Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Latin America and the EU.[1][5] His real estate investments have estimated to generate millions in recurring revenue streams. GStar is also regarded as holding one of the world’s largest fuel mixing facilities.[1][5] GStar holds stake ownership in a multitude of businesses in industries such as logistics, international freight forwarding, bail bonds, gaming, personal lending,[1] CBD, affiliate marketing, and entertainment.[2][4] His privately held companies have estimated over $140 million in assets under management (AUM). He also operates over 280 e-commerce websites that generate an estimated $75 million in revenue. [2] GStar was also have said to lead the adult content space as a white label platform distributor, with his first site “The Red Room” being eventually acquired in a large buy out deal by AMP Group Worldwide, the worlds largest adult content creator partner. GStar is also a public speaker who has talked about topics such as leadership, positive motivation, religion and faith, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, finance, and social psychology. His long list of celebrity, religious, sports, music, and political associations have brought him worldwide recognition in both the business and entertainment world.

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