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Dating in the Celebrity World: George GStar tells all

Dating in the celebrity world has often been a difficult thing for many celebrities to manage. With the Hollywood and entertainment industry being such a cut throat industry, its made it pretty difficult for two people to navigate and have a normal relationship.

You often see power couples such as Jay Z and Beyonce or Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, but

those are some of the rare cases of successful celebrity marriages. Compare that to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who divorced after a very long marriage navigating the world of Hollywood or Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breaking up after a long relationship. This and many other examples show the tragic impact being a celebrity and trying to maintain a healthy relationship can have.

George has dated many porn stars with diar reprucisisons.

Today we are writing about up and coming internet celebrity turned rapper George GStar turned internet celebrity who goes by his stage name GStar. GStar has dated several known names in Hollywood including Paris Hilton, Brooke Hogan, and even briefly Vanessa Hudgens. He also has dated several widely-known porn stars including Mia Khalifa and also had a long term love affair with Chantel Jeffries .

George GStar got his feet wet with the A-list. GStar says that his adjustment to being a normal guy to entering the celebrity Hollywood life was a big adjustment.

Some of the most difficult moments of living through the celebrity microscope and dating A-list celebrity females, GStar says was firstly the constant swarm of paparazzi and tabloids creating make believe stories up and making them go viral. He says it really bothers you and makes your stomach cringe because all your family members and friends contact you wondering if a story is true or not and you’re constantly having to explain yourself to your loved ones.

Another difficult GStar states is dealing with the insecurities as a couple of knowing you and your significant other are highly desired by many people of the opposite sex. He says this can easily create jealousy and open a lot of situations where your significant other is physically interacting with the opposite sex…that can include shooting movie sets, being in music videos, and events where you’re pretty much forced into doing things you aren’t too proud of.

He also says that it’s unfortunate because being a celebrity, you’re forced into also dating another celebrity because no one is going to date a fan. Dating a fan causes a lot of problems when it comes to them understanding your lifestyle and

having to deal with not being able to rely on the other person consistently. Also, its a little strange to date someone who probably knows everything about you and has more so an obsession with you. “I’m not saying it’s not possible for that to work out long term, but I just see it as very unlikely because of many variables”, George GStar says.

If we are truly being honest, marriages are lasting shorter and shorter in the modern World. Social media and the quick access to people has damaged the marriage world. It’s easier now than ever to cheat on your loved one, and with so much easy access to so many different options that has been created by technology, staying in a long, fruitful relationship with one person is more and more rare these days. Call it bad or good, you can decide, but its truly caused a lot of bad emotions and negative behavior from people over the last few years. Homicides committed by spouses who are cheated on are at the highest rates that they’ve ever been in history.

George Gstar says it best “Live how you want, and if someone truly loves me, they will live

according to my program and understand me as a complete and whole person.”

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